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Property Owners:

Seaside Property Management can provide the expert management your property deserves!

I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Cindy Eades and I am a licensed real estate Broker. My Company is Seaside Property Management.  I am a member of the Multiple Listing Service, Orange County Board of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors and our local Chamber of Commerce.

As an experienced professional with over 25 years of experience in the South Orange County Real Estate market, I can ensure you the maximum net return from your property, based on it's highest and best use. 

As a real estate professional, I am here to provide you with the my experience and tools and assist in managing your property, so that together we can successfully maintain your investment with ease!

Today's Property Owner faces the continuous challenge of meeting new requirements and responsibilities in managing their valuable investment. As well as the constant battle with vacancies and repairs.

Services offered by Seaside Property Management

We provide consistent monthly services for our Owners. You will receive thorough & competent service.

My personal objectives in Property Management are:

  • To preserve and safeguard your Property Investment with Integrity & Trust.

  • To secure and maintain the greatest net return possible at minimal cost over the life of your Investment.

  • To maintain stable, long-term working relationships between management, clients and tenants.

  • To enhance the value of your property through skillful management and well considered improvement.


The activities that Seaside Property Management undertakes to accomplish these broad goals are many and diversified.  Listed below are a few services available.

  • Handle Tenant relations and communications.

  • Coordinate written Rental/Lease Agreements and determine appropriate method and terms of such agreements.

  • Expert Marketing & Free Ad placement, including Virtual Tours, Individual Rental Property Website.

  • Unlimited Showings of prospective rentals and meticulious screening/qualify of potential tenants.

  • Evaluate property periodically to determine rental value through market surveys.

  • Review the physical condition of the property and develop maintainence strategies.

  • Rent collection and security deposit handling.

  • Disburse expenses through trust account and provide monthly accounting statements.

  • Resolve delinquent accounts with effective communication, posting of proper legal notices, including coordination of eviction proceedings with Attorney.

  • Provide other various real estate services at your option.

  • Coordinate on-going and emergency maintenance issues with tenants and contractors.


Fees charged are among the most competitive available and will vary depending upon the amount of services you request or require, for the Management Program you feel will best suite your needs.  Typically, a standard per-month commission of 6% per monthly rents collected for property management services and 6% per 1-Year Lease for rental leasing services. There is no monthly property management fee charged during vacancy periods.

Financial Responsibilities

  • Monitor all income and debit activity from your property account, explaining amounts received, debit versus income, and maintain a monthly accounting.

  • Create and maintain a computerized summary of your property account, displaying income and expenses in detail, each month with year-to-date totals.

  • Send out a computerized monthly statement to all Owners, displaying monthly activities and Owner funds. For your convenience, monthly statements can be emailed and Owner funds can be electronically transferred to your bank account within 24 hours.

Property Maintenance

  • Coordinate and hire all repair work through local, reputable contractors. Work in close connection to all contractors for quality control and efficient follow through. For repairs, monies are deducted from the owners account. .

  • When property is vacated, all repairs and necessary cleaning is coordinated through Seaside Property Management.

  • All rents are collected on a monthly basis by the 5th of each month. Timely payment is recorded and supervised.

  • If needed, our company works in collaboration with an eviction attorney to minimize the frustration of dealing with many of the "typical" situations that arise when a tenant will not pay their rent.

  • Owners have the option of automatically deducting from their property accounts various expenses such as mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, repairs, utilities and owners funds.

  • Seaside Property Management will schedule utilities to be turned on/off for coordinating maintenance and showings during their vacancy periods.

Ten most frequently asked questions

Question #1 - How do you market my property and find a good tenant?

  • Answer:  I utilize many resources when marketing your property. I create a unique rental property website using your address as the web address and take several pictures to create an online virtual tour, flyers & area information which provides a map and gives viewers area information such as schools, restaurants,etc. I then place your property with pictures in the local MLS for other Companies and their Agents to view & show. I also place Ads with pictures on several local classified sites such as OC Register, Pennysaver, Recycler, Craigslist, Apartment Hunters...just to name a few. The more options the better to generate more interest and showings and get your property rented quickly to the best qualified tenants.

Question #2 - How do you qualify prospective tenants?

  • Answer:  I follow the guidelines provided by California Landlord/tenant law. A rental application is required with I.D. and all information is verified and based on credit, rental references & employment background. Each Adult is required to fill out a separate rental application and provide their own personal information. Along with a standard credit report, I provide a criminal and court records search, to insure we've thoroughly gathered a complete background.

Questions #3 - How do you determine the best price for my property?

  • Answer:  I do a comprehensive search of similar properties in your community. I compare properties with amenities, similarities and location to get the best matches. Based on my extensive knowledge and experience with most communities in south orange county, I am able to determine the right price that will give you the best return and also help rent your home quickly.

Questions #4 - How long will it take to find a tenant for my property?

  • Answer:  There are many factors that contribute to a property's value. Location, price and condition of the rental property play the largest role.  It is difficult to say that your home will rent in a specific timeframe.  But, if your rental property is in good condition, in a good neighborhood and priced right, it should rent quickly with the help of my comprehensive advertising campaign.  A typical home will rent in 45 days on average.  It could rent in a week or it may take longer than the average based on market condition and other factors mentioned above.

Questions #5 - Why is my property a good investment?

  • Answer: I believe there are four main benefits in owning investment property.

  1. Income: Cash flow

  2. Equity Buildup: While the tenant is paying your mortgage, your mortgage is decreasing 

  3. Tax Savings: Tax laws may provide a shelter for depreciation

  4. Appreciation: Over the past twenty years, homes in our area have increased substantially. And, although our economy has been depressed, your real estate investment in our coastal communities will remain strong. And, Rents continue to rise!

Question #6 - How is maintenance handled?

  • Answer: Our tenants can call, email or fax in a non-emergency request. Our vendors are required to contact the tenant and arrange repairs "by appointment" with the tenant. The vendor will inspect the problem and provide an estimate for repair prior to being given approval to begin any necessary repairs. I will then contact the Property Owner direct via phone or email and explain in detail our complaint, repair & cost to remedy.  In some cases, I will visit the Rental Property and provide pictures so that you will have a complete description to make a decision. 

Questions #7 - How often do you check on my property?

  • Answer:  I drive by each property every few months. If there is an issue with a maintenance request or cause for concern, I will immediately schedule an appointment to view the property.  If there is a need to view a property more frequently, I will make the proper arrangements to accommodate the Property Owner at all times. 

Questions #8 - How long do we sign an agreement for?

  • Answer:  Every Property Owner will have a preference for the length of time of hiring a Property Manager and signing an agreement.  I strive to earn long-term business by doing "good" business. I recommend that each agreement be signed for a minimum of 90 days initially and will continue indefinitely until either party gives a proper 30-day written notice to cancel services.  I am always willing to accommodate short-term agreements under special circumstances such as a vacation home rental. And, should your rental circumstances change, as life does, I do not feel obligating someone to a long-term agreement will benefit either party.

Question #9 - Can you pay my bills?

  • Answer:  We can pay the following: mortgages, insurance, taxes, HOA fees, utilities and any other monthly property expenses. These are paid out of the proceeds from the rental income received each month.  In some cases, we will set up a reserve of funds to cover regular items that must be paid by a specific date each month.

Question #10 - How will you handle my monthly accounting and Owners proceeds?

  • Answer:  By following California state Laws & guidelines, I have an established trust account for all property funds. I try to adhere to a strict schedule each month. Rents are due on the 1st and will be deposited between the 1st and the 5th. Monthly property expenses will be paid from the 5th to the 10th. I handle all of my accounting first-hand so there are no "$ mix-up's". Monthly Closing Statements and Owner's proceeds will be generated from the 10th to the 15th. I will mail (US postal) and/or email your statements. I will mail (US postal) your Owner's proceeds check or electronically deposit your funds (24-hour turnaround) at the same time that I generate the monthly Closing Statement for your Property. My many years of accounting experience and ethical nature will insure that your funds are diligently handled.